Woolworths supermarket shopper photographed wearing no shoes, sparking fiery backlash on Facebook


An “unacceptable” detail in an image of a Woolworths supermarket customer has sparked strong reactions on social media.

A fellow shopper photographed the Woolies shopper bending over to view the fresh produce aisle at his local store.

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The man in question can be seen in shorts, a shirt – and no shoes.

In his Facebook post, the customer said he was shocked to see the man’s bare feet.

“Is there a shoe shortage in Australia?” asked the shopkeeper. “How is this acceptable in a job site, Woolworths?”

A man shared this image of a Woolworths customer not wearing shoes. Credit: Facebook

The post provoked an angry backlash, with many defending the shoeless shopper.

“How does this affect you? He doesn’t wipe his feet on the fresh produce,” said one.

Another wrote: “Why do you care? If he wants to walk around barefoot and risk getting hurt, that’s definitely up to him.”

A third added: “Well he doesn’t put his feet on the food does he?”

Another said: “Do you wear shoes? If so, why does it matter that he likes to walk around in other people’s filth?”

Others were baffled at how the customer thought Woolworths was a “workshop”, adding that it is not the “supermarket’s responsibility what their customers are carrying”.

“How the hell is it a ‘workplace’?” asked one. “He’s Shopping, Not Bricklaying, You’re Melting.”

Many Facebook users had no problem with the man not wearing shoes. Credit: Facebook

Another added: “It’s a supermarket, not a workshop.”

A third said: “How does this affect you? I also bet the staff aren’t walking around looking at everyone’s feet to make sure they’re wearing shoes.

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