VIDEO: Gen3 engine delivery at Brad Jones Racing


Brad Jones Racing has delivered its first Gen3 engine

An excited Brad Jones has delivered his first Gen3 engine with two Chevrolet units arriving at his team’s Albury factory.

A host of other components have also been delivered as construction and assembly of the new-for-2023 cars continues.

“It feels like Christmas,” Jones said.

“We ran our two engines for our first two cars. All the exhaust work looks like it’s here. We have the bar work so we can put the rear of the car and the hood on the car.”

As reported by, Supercars completed the random allocation of Ford engines last week, with the Chevrolet units going through the same process earlier this week.

Ford teams are believed to all have at least one engine, and deliveries of their Chevy counterparts are now underway.

In addition to the delivery of the Gen3 engine, Brad Jones Racing has received a host of other components, including exhausts, as it continues to work ahead of its pre-season testing program.

It officially starts on February 1 for the teams in the south, including BJR, two days after the teams in Queensland have to play.

However, there is uncertainty about how many cars will be ready by those dates, with suggestions that the Blanchard Racing Team Mustang may be the only squad in action at Winton next Wednesday.

Those question marks remain because of parts supply issues, limiting teams’ ability to continue building.

The Supercars season kicks off on March 10-12 on the streets of Newcastle, with testing scheduled for February in anticipation of the first round.

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