Valorant News: The Dev Diaries Video Confirms Riot is Working On Team Deathmatch for Valorant!


The recently released Dev Diaries video for 2023 showed a lot of things, including a little Valorant Team Deathmatch teaser at the end.

The Dev Diaries this time brought us some cool updates on the current game meta and what Riot is up to with it. There was also talk about the VCT 2023 and schedule mania. However, if fans watched the whole video, they learned about the new game mode, Team Deathmatch, but not just any Team Deathmatch; this is Riot’s take on the game mode. Let’s break down the Dev Diaries bit by bit to see what the Devs want to do this year.

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Riot Devs talk about all the things they want to bring to Valorant in 2023

The video begins with Anna Donlon, the executive producer of Valorant, expressing her gratitude to the players of Valorant since its launch in 2020. She talks about how the developers are eternally grateful for the community’s engagement, comments, and memes inspired by playing the game. She goes on to say that they have many plans for 2023 to give back and improve the game.

The camera then cuts to Andy Ho, the Game Director. He reveals that the new year will have new content such as battle passes, balance changes, agents, quality of life, and more. With the introduction of Swift Play, they plan to release another game mode, later revealed to be Team Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch is a game mode popularized by Call of Duty where two teams kill each other and respawn until one team reaches the highest kill score.

Anna did say that this TDM would be “their take on it”, so it will be interesting to see what changes Riot brings. If they also integrate skills, it would become one of the best game modes in the game and insanely fun. This means players don’t have to participate in other long game modes to play with Agent’s abilities; they can queue for TDMs.

We’ll have to wait and see what Riot does with “their take” on TDM. For more news on Valorant and VCT, stay tuned to The SportsRush!

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