Vacheron Constantin opens new store in King Street Sydney and launches Metiers d’Art Villes Lumieres luxury watch


“It has been stable and will continue to be so. . . an increase of 1000 watches would be a lot for us.” Ferla describes the operation as a “human adventure – we work together as a team, develop things – and still repair every watch we’ve ever made, which means we sometimes have to reproduce spare parts as we don’t own every part since 1755.”

On the new Sydney property, Ferla explains: “It’s not about more boutiques, it’s about the right ones. When we look at a project, we start by saying ‘what will be the impact on our client’; we had been looking for the right location for a while. It’s important that watches are on display and for sale, but how do you make it a positive experience if the watch you want isn’t readily available? You may have to wait for a certain piece, but we will continue to feed the customer until he finds what he is looking for.”

Architecturally, the emphasis is on a welcoming environment in which one can linger rather than rush to complete a purchase. For example, the facade is airy and light with maximum use of glass; the ground floor is spacious with discreet displays astride pale and plush carpeting, the soft and light effect emphasized by blond woodwork, subtle lighting and gold metal accents.

Move to the first floor and the feel is even more lounge: soft fabrics, homely shelving, video screens and a bar. There will be room somewhere for a curated selection of vintage pieces for sale. The top floor will be set up for intimate interactions, enthusiast events and exhibitions featuring local artists.

All in all, it is a house that the brand hopes customers will enjoy in the long run. Meanwhile, attention will be turned to how the departure from a traditional approach to over-the-counter sales plays out – bearing in mind that Vacheron hasn’t survived all these years by being wrong.

Sydney time

Like Geneva, Paris, New York, Beijing and Tokyo, Sydney is honored with a Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’Art Villes Lumieres watch, a treasure trove that celebrates the nocturnal cartography of ‘cities buzzing with creativity’.

Sydney’s lights shine through a blue-hued night as grand feu champleve glaze depicts the harbor dotted with gold dust boats and surrounded by emerald green parks and gardens. The aerial perspective has been hand-enamelled by Japanese artist Yoko Imai using precious powders of gold, platinum, mother-of-pearl and diamond – a technique new to watchmaking.

Framed by a 40mm white gold case and powered by a self-winding caliber, the watch bears the prestigious Seal of Geneva – along with a six-figure price tag.

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