The World’s Most Diverse Airbus A380 Airports


Both airports will welcome Airbus A380s from five airlines in January.

Eight airlines will fly the Airbus A380 in January 2023. Over the past year, London Heathrow has received the most A380 operators. Now Sydney Airport has taken first place alongside London Heathrow, with each airport welcoming the giant of five airlines’ airspace.

Between 2016 and 2019, London Heathrow Airport and Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport welcomed Airbus A380s from nine operators. Both will probably never reach this number again. But with five airlines each, they both top the A380 diversity leaderboard, according to schedule data from Cirium.


5 Airbus A380 airlines in May

This month, London Heathrow Airport and Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport will welcome five Airbus A380 operators. London Heathrow is home to British Airways and Sydney is home to Australian airline Qantas. While British Airways has reclaimed its title of A380 king at Heathrow from Emirates, Qantas is only the second largest A380 operator in Sydney.

British Airways has 247 scheduled flights to London Heathrow this month, according to Cirium timetable data. With a six-day frequency on the Dubai International – London Heathrow route, Emirates is below that with 186 services. Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines have scheduled twice-daily service with 62 flights, while Qantas has 31 rotations on the Sydney-Singapore-London kangaroo route. This makes London Heathrow the second busiest A380 airport after Dubai, with 588 scheduled rotations. With Etihad’s (re)arrival slated for later this year, Heathrow should quickly take a head start.

An Air France Airbus A380 in the first climb segment after takeoff from New York's John F. Kennedy Airport.

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple flying

Sydney has far fewer total rotations scheduled at 188 for the month, but retains the same variety of airlines. Emirates operates a double daily schedule, with Qantas lagging slightly behind here, with 56 departures during the month. Qatar and Singapore each operate a daily flight, while Asiana Airlines has eight rotations scheduled during the month.

Which airports have four operators?

Two airports are welcoming four A380 operators this month, one of which is home to A380s that have not flown since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. While Heathrow and Sydney share four of their five A380 airlines, Bangkok and Los Angeles share only two. Bangkok seems to be the place to be as the fourth busiest A380 airport with 300 rotations. Meanwhile, Los Angeles only welcomes a third of that with 105 rotations.

shutterstock_398985883Three airports with three operators

Three airports welcome Airbus A380s from three operators. Two of these are Airbus A380 bases, and unlike Sydney, the three home airlines dominate operations at these airports. The full list is as follows,

What about airports with two operators?

The return of the Airbus A380 is further emphasized by the number of airports welcoming the two-operator type. Just over a year ago, Dubai was the only airport served by A380s from two airlines. Now the number of airports meeting this criterion has risen to ten. Despite being home to the largest Airbus A380 operator, Dubai is struggling to break out of the two-operator clan, with British Airways the only other A380 operator at the airport.

shutter stock_2044233581

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Operators (most to least scheduled flights)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (DXB)

Emirates, British Airways

Doha, Qatar (DOH)

Qatar Airways, British Airways

Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB)

Emirates, British Airways

Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)

Singapore Airlines, Emirates

Mumbai, India (BOMB)

Emirates, Singapore Airlines

Hong Kong, China SAR (HKG)

Emirates, Singapore Airlines

Perth, Australia (PER)

Emirates, Qatar Airways

San Francisco, United States (SFO)

British Airways, Emirates

Washington, United States (IAD)

Emirates, British Airways

Tokyo Narita, Japan (NRT)

Emirates, ANA

Shanghai, China (PVG)

Singapore Airlines, Emirates

A total of 46 airports will welcome the Airbus A380 this month. Shanghai, in the list above, is a fascinating case. The airport has only eight services this month (3x Emirates, 5x Singapore Airlines), making it the joint quietest airport next to Orlando (8x British Airways). However, because it has the two airlines, it surpasses major airports such as Charles De Gaule and London Gatwick. While both of these have three Airbus A380 flights a day, only Emirates serves them with the giant of the sky.

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  • heathrow_17581988126223

    London Heathrow Airport

    IATA/ICAO code:

    United Kingdom

    John Holland Kaye

    Number of passengers:
    19,392,178 (2021)

    09L/27R – 3,902m (12,802ft) |09R/27L – 3,660m (12,008ft)

    Clamp 2 | Clamp 3 | Clamp 4 | Clamp 5

  • Qantas-Emirates-A380-Sydney-Stunt-Getty

    Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport

    IATA/ICAO code:


    Jeff Culbert

    Number of passengers:
    44,446,838 (2019)

    07/25 – 2,530m (8,300ft) |16L/34R – 2,438m (8,000ft) |16R/34L – 3,962m (13,000ft)

    Terminal 1 | Terminal 2 | Terminal 3

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