The Internet Is Confused About Conscious Conversations


Wasn’t it wonderful to meet the families? We had Felixbob’s mom serves goals, Alesia‘s dad serving Rivers polo and CONSCIOUS TALK with Damian and Jess. We enjoyed it, fellow fans of The bachelors? Because I did.

The producers really pushed the whole conscious conversation down our throats from the start. The episode literally started with old friend Damien telling Felix about it and the people of the internet were READY for the big chat.

It’s clear that the fickle people of Channel 10 have been waiting until the end of the episode for that conscious conversation.

That meant we had to keep hearing those two cursed words for over an hour, and people soon became exhausted and wanted to lobotomize themselves.

We also got to witness Felix’s Bob Goals mom unleash her anger on Jess and it was wild. The woman was literally like, “I want to go home,” and first, same thing, and second, speak your truths! People loved to see her go like milk. Really froth up.

Then the shit REALLY hit the fan because Felix and Damien had a one on one conversation and then all of a sudden Jess was there with her brother and the internet was IN AWE I tell you! The tragedy! The chaos! The intrigue! I hate to say it, but it was breathtaking.

And finally the producers of The bachelors gave us the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the conscious conversation.

If I’m being honest, it sounded like any other conversation Felix, Jess, and Damien have had so far.

At least I think because honestly I have completely disconnected myself from whatever love triangle they have and when one of them is talking in the same room Benny Hill music starts playing in my head.

Anyway, the conscious conversation had been made and Twitter asked a very valid question: What the hell is a conscious conversation?

This question went unanswered because the episode ended with Jess crying, so we’ll never know what makes conversation conscious. Perhaps instead of proposing, the bachelors will have conscious conversations with their chosen girls. Talk about romance!

If you want to know how the other family gatherings went (spoiler alert: Alésia’s dad gathering Jed was a damn doozy) you can read our stunning recap here.

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