The Best Emblem Ring Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage


In our review for Fire Emblem Engage, we discussed that while it’s important to know how and when to deploy when executing many of Fire Emblem Engage’s difficult skirmishes, it’s just as crucial to link Emblems to units that have the replenish unit skills. tied to again. With a total of 12 emblem rings and over 30 units to choose from, there are some effective combinations that can turn the tide of battle if things aren’t in your favor. Here are some of the best Emblem Ring Pairings we’ve used in our playthrough of Engage.

Alea and Lucina

While you might quickly assume it’s best to keep Marth and Alear paired whenever possible, Lucina offers more support options when combined with some of Marth’s offensive capabilities. Her Engage ability, Bonded Shield, gives a great chance to prevent attacks on neighboring allies, making her an ideal option for frontline units. Alear’s Dragon-type bonus gives this another 10% chance of being activated, meaning you’ll see fellow units make it through enemy turns relatively unscathed.

This, coupled with a slew of passive abilities that benefit adjacent units, makes Lucina an ideal fit for Alear, who will spend most of their time on the front lines of battle anyway. It’s all tied together by Lucina’s Engage Attack, All for One, where all allies within 2 spaces will participate in a chain attack. Lucina also compliments Alear’s core kit by giving them a ranged option in the form of the Parthia Bow Engage weapon and two swords that are effective against different units.

Timerra and Ike

Fire Emblem Engage the best combinations of emblems

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that Emblem Rings need to be equipped with units other than the ones they come with by default, but that’s not always true. Timerra and Ike is one such example of a powerful combination that can do a lot of heavy lifting right up to the credits. Great Aether, Ike’s Engage Attack, trades bonus defense and resistance for the ability to counter for a single turn. This is paid in spades when an attack is unleashed on the next turn, dealing damage in a 2 square area that heals 30% of the total damage dealt.

This works well with Timerra’s relatively high defense and physical attack stats, meaning she will often recover all lost health when she unleashes Great Aether, even if placed in the middle of a large group of opponents. The icing on the cake is that Ike’s Engage Weapons gives Timerra options she otherwise lacks in a sword, an ax and a hammer that can crush opponents.

Timerra’s passive abilities also do some heavy lifting in regards to the damage she can deal. For example, Sandstorm offers the chance to calculate the damage dealt to a physical attack by using 150% of her defense instead of strength. This also works with Great Aether, meaning you can shoot almost every unit in the game at once if Sandstorm is triggered when Great Aether’s attack portion goes off. This makes Timerra an offensive and defensive powerhouse that is incredibly versatile and effective in countless ways.

Ivy and Lyn

Fire Emblem Engage the best combinations of emblems

Every Fire Emblem has that one unit that will mince enemy troops, no matter what difficulty you’re playing on. Ivy is that unit for Fire Emblem Engage, and keeping her paired with Lyn allows her to really excel at dealing damage and clearing a path for frontline units. The reason they work so well together is because of Lyn’s passive abilities, Alacrity and Speedtaker. Alacrity allows your unit to follow before an enemy can counterattack when you start a battle with a speed advantage of five or more, and Speedtaker grants a stack speed boost every time a unit enters a battle and defeats an enemy, up to a total from +10.


This means that after taking out a few enemies, Ivy can far outrun any opponent in terms of speed thanks to her high base stats. To be on the safe side, cast a powerful magic spell like Bolganone on her and she’ll clear waves of enemies on her own. If and when you find yourself in a sticky situation, Lyn’s Engage Skill comes in handy, allowing a unit to create illusory doubles that can participate in chain attacks.

The icing on the cake is that all of these passive abilities can be inherited from Lyn, meaning Ivy can be combined with an entirely different Emblem Ring to become even more powerful. If you choose to stick with the pairing, Lyn gives Ivy some more options in battle with her Engage weapons and an Engage attack that can take out potentially dangerous enemies at a distance with a volley of arrows. It’s clear that Lyn is suited to any hard-hitting unit, but all these aspects make Ivy a force to be reckoned with.

Frame and Micah

Fire Emblem Engage the best combinations of emblems

Framme is a great medic who can exploit certain weaknesses and support allied units through healing and positioning. These strengths are only enhanced when combined with Emblem Micaiah, whose passive abilities increase healing power while keeping the healer relatively healthy. Since Framme’s advanced class is Martial Master, she can inflict Break on units outside of the traditional weapon triangle. However, this can often put her in unfavorable positions, meaning she is quite susceptible to damage, especially with a low defense stat.

Micaiah’s Healing Light passive comes in handy here, where healing an ally also heals the caster for 50% of total restored health. This means you can keep Framme in the fight for longer, while also replenishing your other units. Her Qi Adept type bonus increases this heal by 20% when using a stave, meaning she regains even more health for each heal. Micaiah’s Engage Attack, Great Sacrifice, trades all but one user’s health to fully heal all allies, and also heals status effectives with the Qi Adept type bonus.

This makes Framme a front-line healing machine, and great for getting out of tight situations when a few mistakes have left some of your units running low. Micaiah’s Engage weapons also provide Framme with much-needed range in the form of magic, including Nosferatu, which provides some very useful life steals, and Shine, which can illuminate dark areas. It turns Framme into a jack of all trades who can really bring some healing when needed, as well as keep her alive in the close encounters she excels at.

Fogado and Celica

Fire Emblem Engage the best combinations of emblems

When it comes to Emblem Ring pairings, it’s easy to use default setups that reinforce previous strengths rather than support a unit’s weaknesses. Celica may seem like a weird choice for Fogado’s skills, but there’s a lot more to this combination than meets the eye. The biggest draw is Celica’s Engage Attack, Warp Ragnarok, which allows the user to warp up to 10 squares and unleash a powerful magical attack. Since Fogado is a cavalry unit, the warp distance is increased by two spaces, allowing him to use it offensively or defensively depending on the situation.

Fogado’s Advanced Class, Cupid, also has sword prowess, meaning the boost in magical stats he gains from being paired with Celica makes the Levin Sword a great gear choice for Fogado, not only giving him access to the conventional Weapon Triangle, but also a method to get past armored enemies. Celica’s Engage weapons also help immensely by providing Fogado with a way to heal and dealing some additional damage types that help him dispatch corrupted enemies. It makes Fogado a sort of magical archer with incredible mobility and survivability, allowing him to take down enemies at a distance and also adapt to unique situations.

These are just a few of the Emblem Ring pairings that can transform units from skilled warriors to absolute powerhouses when they are needed most. Even on the normal difficulty, later chapters and optional paralogues can ramp up the tension quite a bit, so mix and match based on your best units and see what works for you!

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