Tango Gameworks’ HI-FI RUSH Has Been Officially Announced And It’s Out Now


A surprise entry in today’s Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct (although we had an idea earlier this week), Tango Gameworks has announced its next game: HI-FI RUSH.

Right off the bat, it seems like a huge departure from what we’re used to seeing in Tango’s horror-like output, instead giving us a brightly colored, cel-shaded action game with plenty of attitude and larger-than-life characters. As studio head Shinji Mikami puts it himself, he would never have thought of a game like this.

HI-FI RUSH is paired with a “rhythm action game”, where your movements are all in sync with the music to create an amazing soundscape as you fight, similar to 2020’s excellent No Straight Roads. Performing more to the beat will bring you more success in battle, and all the music and pulsating environments come together to look great in the moment.

The best part? HI-FI Rush is available on Xbox Series X|S via Game Pass and PC now! Get it here.

Watch the trailer below:

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