Sojourn Hero Guide: Abilities and Tips


The kick-off for the reveal of Overwatch 2 was none other than Sojourn, a hero from Canada in particular. Since joining the roster of Overwatch 2, Sojourn has dominated the meta in all pre-launch betas, Season 1, and even the start of Season 2. Sojourn has firmly planted her position as a mainstay in everyone’s nightmares, as she excels at completely overwhelm her opponents. , single-handedly gutting teams left, right, and center. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given how packed her gear is. Her Railgun’s alternate fire is capable of instantly taking out enemies from a great distance, and her insane mobility puts characters like Genji and Tracer to shame.

While most of her gear revolves around her Railgun, that’s not the only tool she adds to a team. Sojourn is equipped with a powerful Disruptor Shot that can slow down enemies and deal damage over time to anyone who gets trapped in the orb. In addition, she can slide and jump incredibly high and far, allowing her to position herself to flank, chase, focus, and move up the ranks of her opponents. Although Sojourn can be seen as a simple hero, her effectiveness is undeniable and there is much more to discover.

There are two main character traits that revolve around Sojourn’s Railgun gameplay loop. It starts with using the primary fire, a projectile that fires quickly and travels to her targets over time. As her primary projectile fire hits its targets, Sojourn builds up an energy charge to fuel her secondary fire. Shooting at barriers and non-hero targets, such as turrets and placed skills, gives +1 health, and when Sojourn shoots at a hero, she gains +5 health (+10 health for crits). Additionally, if the hero has armor, it counts for +3.5 energy (+7 energy for critical hits) until he loses the armor.

While Sojourn can use her secondary fire with any energy charge, the damage increases as more energy is available in her primary fire. It is recommended that Sojourn build up a decent amount of charge before firing her secondary fire. With an energy charge of 100, Sojourn can deal over 130 damage and, if it’s a headshot, can take up to 195 damage.

For some heroes, that’s significant damage, and for others, it’s instant death. If Sojourn gets a damage boost, buff, or the enemy is debuffed, she can potentially deal up to 200 damage with a shot to the head, increasing the number of heroes that can be killed in one hit. However, Sojourn’s energy charge doesn’t sit still forever. It will expire after some time if she is out of combat, dies, or doesn’t use it for a certain amount of time.

With such lethality coming only from Sojourn’s primary and secondary fire, it’s no wonder she’s become a well-known powerhouse and currently the highest-rated DPS hero in all of Overwatch 2. With the right coordination and teamwork, Sojourn can effectively picking out the enemy at a distance before they even have a chance to react. What’s worse is that if they hide behind barriers or their tank, Sojourn can reliably and quickly gain enough energy to knock out their tank, break their shields, and scatter the enemy team as they try to prevent them from die so quickly and easily.

Should the enemy try to scatter and dodge Sojourn’s Railgun shots, she can quickly stop them with her Disrupter Shot ability. This ability is an AoE projectile that, once it makes contact with a surface, releases an energy orb that traps the captured enemies. It slows the enemy’s movement speed by 25% and deals about 50 damage over time for a total of 200. This ability can potentially completely kill any hero with 200 HP or less, provided they don’t heal become. Even then, they’ve slowed down enough to the point where Sojourn would have no trouble taking care of the rest of the enemy’s health.

Not only is this ability perfect for Sojourn’s toolkit, it’s also good for team play. Being able to slow down enemies and coordinate with other ultimates creates opportunities for strategies where the enemy team is forced off targets. Ultimately, this ability accentuates Sojourn’s playstyle with her railgun by reducing the enemy’s movement speed, allowing her to take an easier shot, and damaging them to also allow for a faster, less charged shot.

This move is relatively straightforward: Sojourn fires her missile legs to quickly glide across the battlefield in any direction she chooses. Sojourn can jump mid-slide and perform a super jump, allowing her to quickly reach high positions, escape tricky situations or even overtake, chase and flank the enemy team. As Sojourn slides or jumps, she can fire her Railgun or her Disruptor Shot at the same time, giving her incredible handling between her animations and abilities. This ability is perfect for Sojourn’s fast-paced playstyle and allows her to reposition herself anyway for most situations the team fights will throw you.

Sojourn’s Overclock stays true to its name, as this ultimate brings out the full potential of her Railgun’s features. While Overclock is active, Sojourn’s Railgun generates energy charges without needing to use primary fire. In addition, her secondary fire shots can also penetrate enemies.

Even if Sojourn’s abilities seem simple, easy, and powerful, they still require strong mechanical skills to perform reliably and competitively consistently, making her a high-skill ceiling hero who can dominate the pro and high-ranking leaderboards, but still a veritable nightmare for those trying to climb the ladder in competitive play.

Sojourn will always be able to pack a punch and has been since she joined the hero roster. She will likely be the subject of many Overwatch League highlights and competitive games watched online in the near future.

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