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20 Maxwell Road #08-08 Maxwell House, Singapore, Jan 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to a new market research report entitled: “Pharmaceutical Lipids Market by product (triglycerides, phospholipids, sphingolipids, cholesterol, fatty acids), source (synthetic, semi-synthetic and natural), form (liquid, semi-solid, solid), application (conventional lipid-based drug delivery systems, self-emulsifying drug delivery systems, self microemulsifying drug delivery systems, liposomes, solid lipid nanoparticles and nanostructured lipid carriers) and end-users (biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, academics and research institutes) – Global Outlook & Forecast 2022-2030″ published by Growth Plus Reports, will drive the pharmaceutical lipid market to expectation grow on one CAGR of 6.64% accessible from 2021 $10.41 billion by 2030. Pharmaceutical lipids have emerged as a promising option for treating and boosting the immunity of COVID-19 patients.

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The global pharmaceutical lipids market has been analyzed from four different perspectives: product, source, form, application, sources, end user, and region.

Excerpts from “By Product Segmentation”

Triglycerides, phospholipids, sphingolipids, cholesterol, fatty acids and other substances make up the global pharmaceutical lipid market by product. In 2021, the triglycerides segment generated the highest revenue due to the increased demand for triglycerides, as well as the derivatives made from them, for use in effective beverages and nutritional supplements. Triglycerides are lipids used in a range of functional meals and drinks because they are a substantial source of energy. They can be used in various galenic forms, including as a solubilizer, emulsifier, substrate or lubricant in tablets and soft gel capsules. They can also serve as a base for suppositories. Triglyceride products are used in a variety of industrial applications making it a major driver of the global pharmaceutical lipid market. Due to its superior ability to distribute omega-3 fats throughout the body, phospholipids are in high demand and the segment will grow at a higher CAGR over the projection period, making them a key component in the creation of functional foods and dietary supplements. In addition, the demand for phospholipids is expected to increase internationally in the short term due to the increasing use of phospholipids in a variety of pharmaceutical technologies as emulsifiers, wetting agents and builders of micelles, cubosomes, liposomes and other structures. Rising demand for sphingolipids from numerous end-user sectors including cosmetic and personal care industries and other applications also impacted the market growth. The increased knowledge about the benefits of sphingolipids also contributes to the expansion of this market.

Excerpts from “By Application Segmentation”

The global pharmaceutical lipids market is segmented based on applications into:

  • Traditional lipid-based drug delivery systems
  • Self-emulsifying drug delivery systems
  • Self-micro-emulsifying drug delivery systems
  • Liposomes
  • Carriers of solid lipids in nanoparticles
  • Others

The segment with the largest CAGR in 2021 is the traditional lipid-based drug delivery methods. The fundamental goal of formulation is to increase the bioavailability of lipid-based drugs. Lipid-based drug delivery systems are one of the cutting-edge technologies developed to address issues such as the solubility and bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs. The indication of the condition, the administration technique, financial considerations, product stability, toxicity and efficacy are just some of the limitations that can be addressed by lipid-based formulations. Through various studies, the rising prevalence of diseases including neurological disorders, cancer and cardiovascular diseases is expected to grow significantly and act as a driving force in the global pharmaceutical lipid market. The need for innovative treatments with a rapid onset of action and efficient medication delivery will increase in the coming years.

The major factor contributing to the expansion of the global pharmaceutical lipids market is improved drug delivery technology through the use of prescription pharmaceutical drugs. The spreading frequency, emulsification level, particle size and other design elements will also contribute to the expansion of the pharmaceutical lipid market. The need for the product in chronic diseases is another factor that is expected to drive the market and result in significant growth in the near future.

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Excerpts from ‘By Region Segmentation’

Depending on geographic distribution, the global pharmaceutical lipid industry includes:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the world

Due to increased awareness of extreme measures and the use of immune-enhancing foods, North America had the highest market revenue in 2021. Functional foods and dietary supplements are now a mainstay of the daily meals of the majority of people in North America. The lipids market is expected to be boosted in the coming years by the growing consumption of nutritional supplements and functional foods in North America. One of the notable regions with a strong pharmaceutical and medical sector is Europe. The development of the European pharmaceutical market, which is based on research, is essential. Significant use of lipids in vaccine production and large-scale in-house production by numerous companies in Europe is expected to positively impact the growth of the market. In terms of revenue share, Asia Pacific also contributes a large share of the market share. This is explained by the rising demand for medicines, functional foods, functional drinks and nutritional supplements, among other things. More people in the Asia-Pacific region than ever before are concerned about their health today. Due to the growing health problems in Asia-Pacific, the consumption of food supplements, functional food products and medicines, among others, has increased enormously in recent years and is expected to continue in the future.

Excerpts from ‘Competitive Landscape’

The key companies operating in the global Pharmaceutical Lipids market are:

  • ABITEC Corporation (ABF Ingredients)
  • Croda International plc
  • CordenPharma
  • NOF (Nippon Oil & Fats) Corporation
  • Cayman Chemical Company
  • Lipoid GmbH
  • Nippon Fine Chemical Co.Ltd.
  • Dishman Group
  • Gattefosse
  • IOI Oleo GmbH
  • Stepan company
  • Evonik Industries AG


    1. Market ecosystem
    2. Pending timeline
      1. Historical years – 2020
      2. Base year – 2021
      3. Forecast years – 2022 to 2030
    3. Currency used in the report
    1. Research approach
    2. Data collection methodology
    3. Data sources
      1. Secondary sources
      2. Primary sources
    4. Approximation of market estimates
      1. Bottom top
      2. Upside down
    5. Market forecasting model
    6. Limitations and Assumptions
    1. Current Market Trends (COVID-19 Perspective)
    2. Key players and competitive position (2021)
    1. Drivers
    2. Limitations/Challenges
    3. Opportunities


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