Peter Dutton says he pleaded with PM in private meeting


Langton, an academic from the University of Melbourne, told ABC Television on Thursday that Aboriginal health services and Alice Springs leaders wrote to politicians begging for the alcohol restrictions, which expired in July, to be extended so they can come up with their own solutions.

“Nobody listened to them. This is why we need the voice, and this is the case across Australia,” Langton said.

Professor Tom Calma, Chancellor of the University of Canberra, also co-creator of The Voice and the 2023 Senior Australian of the Year, agreed with Langton.

“That’s where the community works on these decisions,” Calma said, citing the example of an Aboriginal community in Fitzroy Crossing making its own plans to limit alcohol sales.

Dutton said he also suggested a boarding school for primary school students “where kids can go and be safe so they can go to school during the day”.


Calma said the Red Dirt Curriculum report for distance education had already found that communities were better off building localized curricula that met the needs of that particular community “rather than a standardized curriculum better suited to an urban environment”.

“Education is a state responsibility,” he said.

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