Perth Australia Day weather: West Aussies to enjoy ‘Perth-ect’ 31C on January 26 public holiday


Western Australians are in for ‘Perth-ect’ barbecue weather this Australia Day, with temperatures set to sizzle just above 30C on Thursday.

Perth will be one of the best cities for the upcoming January 26 holiday, with an expected high of 31C in the metro area and a low of 17C.

For boating enthusiasts looking to spend a day on the water, Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist Joey Rawson recommended opting for a relaxing day on the river rather than the ocean.

“Thursday night there will be a little bit of wind,” Rawson told PerthNow.

“In the morning an easterly wind is expected and in the afternoon a sea breeze.”

If you plan to spend the day at the beach, don’t forget to slip, slop, hit and apply SPF50 sunscreen as the UV index is expected to reach 12.

While it’s blue skies and sunshine in Perth, other parts of WA won’t be so lucky. The Pilbara is expected to experience severe wet weather next week.

“A tropical low could cross the east coast of Pilbara early next week and that could bring some heavy rainfall,” Rawson said.

After a warm Thursday, temperatures will drop for the weekend before warming up again the following week.

“(It will) be cool on Friday and there’s a cold front moving across the southwest of the state, so it won’t be until Friday the 25th and then it will slowly get warm again on Saturday,” Rawson said.

Temperatures are predicted to reach 34°C on Sunday and a blistering 35°C on Monday.

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