Patrick Reed Rory McIlroy feud resumes after tee toss at Dubai Desert Classic


Reconciliation with Patrick Reed seems off the table for Rory McIlroy.

The final twist in the LIV vs. PGA staredown that took place in Dubai this week turned from pointing to swearing after staunch LIV opponent McIlroy ignored Reed’s apparent attempt to mend their relationship on the driving range.

“Rory just looked down there and was messing around with his Trackman and decided to kind of ignore us,” Reed said of his take on McIlroy’s so-called disapproval at the Dubai Desert Classic, admitting he was reacting to the silence from the Northern Irishman by sweeping a golf tee in his direction.

“We all knew where it came from: being part of LIV. Since my tees are Team (4) Aces LIV tees, I flashed one for him. It was kind of a funny shot back. Funny how a little cutscene turned into basically me stabbing him and throwing a tee at him. He saw me and he decided not to respond. It’s a shame because we’ve always had a great relationship… But it’s one of those things, if you’re going to act like an immature little kid, then you might as well be treated like a kid.

McIlroy claimed he did not see or feel the tee. He said much more context is needed than hating players who left the PGA Tour for the LIV Golf Series in 2022.

“Patrick came by to say hello, and I really didn’t want that,” McIlroy said Wednesday. “And if the tables were turned and I threw that tee at him, I would expect him to sue.”

Rory McIlroy and Patrick Reed.Credit:Getty

As for additional context, McIlroy said he and his family were disturbed on Christmas Eve when he received a subpoena from Reed’s attorneys. McIlroy has not confirmed that the subpoena is directly related to Reed’s refiled $750 million defamation lawsuit alleging that the PGA Tour, Golf Channel, Golfweek owner Gannett, and others acted collectively in “conspiracy, defamation, harmful lies and tortious interference”. .”

“The mission of the PGA Tour and its ‘affiliate’, the NBC’s Golf Channel, is to destroy a top LIV Golf Tour player, his family and all LIV Golf players, to destroy their agenda and alleged concerted efforts to promote new LIV to destroy. Golf Tour,” Reed’s attorney, Larry Klayman, said in a press release in September.

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