‘Oppose it on principle’: Andrew Bolt clashes with Peter Dutton on Voice to Parliament


Sky News presenter Andrew Bolt has clashed with opposition leader Peter Dutton over the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, questioning why the Liberal leader is not opposing it “on principle”.

Bolt said he doesn’t know why the liberals can’t say “no to racism”.

“No one is in favor of racism in the Liberal Party and if they are then they have no place in our party,” Dutton said.

He said the Liberal Party is putting “due pressure” on the government to release more information on the Voice to Parliament.

“I think by the way we have entered into this debate, as I say in a respectful way, we have said on behalf of millions of Australians, who may not be as firm in their position as you (Andrew Bolt).

“They want to hear that information, that they want the prime minister’s details.”

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