Love Island Australia’s Courtney Stubbs Says Aaron Waters “Bullied” Her


Love Island Australias Courtney Stubbs claims her season 3 costar Aaron Waters was a first class piece of shit to her in the villa. “He bullied me, belittled me. He shamed me for my skin, he shamed me for the body,” she said in a three-part TikTok series.

Courtney’s reveal was prompted by a promo teasing Aaron’s arrival Love Island Australia Season 2 Jessie Wynter in the Love Island UK villa this week. The video details the previous experiences of the Australian bombers on the show, with Aaron choosing to target Courtney on a global scale.

“So the first girl I dated in the villa was my least favorite,” Aaron said in the video. “She definitely wasn’t the girl for me, so I don’t beat around the bush.”

Waking up to the video on the account (which has 3.6 million followers, mind you), Courtney shared a series of three TikTok videos detailing her experience with Aaron at the Byron Bay villa last year. It’s heartbreaking and bloodcurdling all in one.

“He was constantly telling me to fuck off, to shut up the whole show,” Courtney said, claiming Aaron made it his “personal vendetta” to make sure all the other men in the villa saw her as he did did.


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Courtney said Aaron made it clear he didn’t want to pursue her, making unsolicited comments about his preferences.

“He said to me, ‘I like clean girls. Girls who, you know, who take care of their skin and skin care, and you know, you’re not into that much.’ So he was referring to my acne.

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At the time, Courtney had just started taking Roaccutane medication and felt “uncertain” about the clearing phase of the treatment, which resulted in cystic acne on her face. “So to have someone point that out to you, I’m like, ‘Oh, great, guys are going to notice this throughout the show,'” she explained.

Courtney said Aaron followed this up by shaming her.


We can’t allow men to treat us like this anymore #AaronWater #LoveIsland #Bullying #BodyShaming #SkinShaming

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“He says, ‘Obviously I love it when girls take care of their bodies and go to the gym and stuff like that,'” Courtney explained as she burst into tears.

“He straight out, the first morning of the villa, ashamed of my skin and ashamed of my body. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes the entire first morning.”

In the latest video, Courtney says she never did anything to Aaron, even though he’s made multiple comments about her over the past year — on public forums like podcasts and online. She said she hoped Love Island UK shows its true nature because Love Island Australia certainly not.

In fact, it will be interesting to see how this is handled Love Island UK producers. There was a backlash from viewers after last season Tasha Ghouri was bullied by the male contestants (who later apologized to her).


True colors show #AaronWater #LoveIsland #Bullying #BodyShaming #SkinShaming

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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but women are already insecure about our appearance without the loaded commentary and unrealistic standards men impose on us. How could we not be if society tells us that we have to look a certain way to have value in this world? How could we not be if men constantly prefer women who are “thinner” and “cleaner”?

And don’t hide behind this bullshit to like women who prioritize their health. Just because a woman has acne or curves doesn’t mean she doesn’t take care of herself.

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