K-pop fans can’t believe this top female artist never won the Daesang at the Seoul Music Awards


The Seoul Music Awards is a major awards show in Korea that started in 1990 and annually rewards different artists for their achievements in the year.

The award winners are selected based on the combined criteria of music sales results, popular vote and expert opinion. Over the years, many popular artists such as EXO, BTSand Lee Hyori took the Daesang home. NCT dream won the Daesang for the 2022 Seoul Music Awards, awarding more than 30 artists.

But recently, many were surprised that a top female performer had not won Daesangs, despite the immense popularity she has gained in recent years.

IU is known for her music and has become one of the top female artists in South Korea. Despite being one of the top female performers, she never received a Daesang at the Seoul Music Awards.

Many K-pop fans were surprised to find out that she has not won a single Daesang, even though she has won seven awards at one of the biggest music awards in Korea.

K-pop fans said: “I don’t think there’s much difference between her music sales with Taeyeon, it seems like she lives on another planet or something,” “If she was an SM artist, she would have won 10 times”, “Wow, is this for real “I guess it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t get this one award because she’s already won so many,” “This award show is already infamous for being rigged,” “She doesn’t need this award,” “She got also not the big accolade for MAMA I guess,” “I think it was legendary how they gave Taeyeon the Daesang when IU and BTS had better results,” and “If she wanted the Daesang at the Seoul Music Awards, she should have joined SM.”

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