Jetstar passengers stranded in airport ‘with blankets and muesli bars’


Jetstar passengers flying to Australia have been stranded overnight at an airport in Japan due to “heavy snowfall”.

One of the passengers waiting for their flight at Kansai International Airport in Osaka said it was scheduled to depart at 9 p.m. on Tuesday evening, but was moved to the following afternoon, more than 16 hours later.

“My flight from Japan to Australia was delayed from 9pm to 1pm the next day,” they said on Reddit. “They gave us blankets and granola bars instead of hotels.”

The disgruntled passenger, who paid $2,500 round-trip for the tickets, said “you get what you pay for,” but Jetstar revealed the snow was so bad that people already in the terminal couldn’t leave.

Heavy snow has forced Jetstar passengers flying from Osaka International Airport to Cairns Airport to spend more than 16 hours there overnight. Source: Reddit/Twitter

No way out of Osaka airport

A Jetstar spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that the flight from Osaka to Cairns was one of many affected by the weather conditions.

“Due to heavy snowfall, the bridge connecting mainland Osaka to Kansai International Airport was closed overnight, preventing our crew from accessing the airport,” he said. “This caused a significant delay to our flight from Osaka to Cairns.

“Unfortunately, the closure of the bridge also meant that customers already at the airport could not leave, meaning they could not access hotels in the city. We know it would have been an uncomfortable night for our customers and we offered support by providing them with meals.” , water and blankets.”

“Our crew is now on their way to the airport and the flight will depart in the next few hours. We always do everything we can to avoid delays, but with such severe weather we have no control.”

According to local media, more than 200 flights were canceled due to the extreme weather.

Kansai International Airport has since recently tweeted that the “road closure at KIX Access Bridge has been lifted”.

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