‘From MAFS you can learn what not to do’: John Aiken


John Aiken is a relationship expert who will hit its tenth season this year Married at first sight.

Do you like watching yourself on screen?

I’m used to it now. I think it was different at first and you pick up all sorts of little things about yourself, but now I’ve gotten used to the idea of ​​it, and I just go with it now.

John Aiken, right, with the other Married At First Sight relationship experts Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla.Credit:Nine

You will be billed as a relationship expert. What is the career path for someone who wants to do what you do?

Well, you’re probably best off doing a lot of work, biting your teeth on different types of people, different types of circumstances, so you get a good background on it before jumping to TV. That’s what I found anyway. After my training I worked in a private practice for about 20 years and I saw all kinds of different presentations, and that made me able to deal with what I find on MAFS.

Was it a surprise when the opportunity presented itself? MAFS? I can’t imagine it was something you would have thought about when you started your career.

That’s right. When I first started working in the field, I didn’t really think about doing media at all. But I think you get a little bit of experience over the years, but what I found was that when I started to get into it, and especially when this opportunity came along, I thought it was really exciting. So I just dove into it, and it’s gone from strength to strength. Initially it was not something I intended to do.

What do you think makes someone want to be a participant? MAFS? It is fraught with danger to show yourself to the world. What kind of person wants to put themselves in the spotlight?

I think there’s a part of them that likes to be on screen, no doubt about that. Because you are on cameras 24/7, for up to 12 weeks. So you should be comfortable enough with that exposure. The other part is that you want to fall in love, or at least be open to the idea of ​​finding someone. And everyone has different combinations of that, different amounts of it. Sure, people have to be pretty robust in terms of dealing with the amount of cameras that are on them.

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