Bread price inflation in Australian local supermarket leaves shopper stunned


Now that economic uncertainty is looming, it is starting to affect us all inflation – especially in supermarkets.

A TikToker was shocked to discover that the cost of bread in a local store was double the price it would normally cost.

Chantel filmed herself shopping at Drakes and showed off some recognizable bread brands like Wonder White and TipTop.

“Bread went from $3.60 to $6.20,” the TikToker wrote in the caption.

Watch the video above.

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Chantel was shocked to discover that the price of bread had doubled. (TikTok)

Chantel then showed a TipTop loaf that cost $5.60 and then a Wonder White loaf that cost $6.20.

Independent grocers have generally always been a bit more expensive to shop compared to supermarket chains, but TikTok users were still blown away by the high price.

“No more toast kids! It’s cheaper to give them Woolies mudcake for breakfast,” one commenter quipped.

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The TikToker simply said she was “confused” by the price. (TikTok)

“The same is happening in New Zealand. 18 eggs went from $9 to $18 in two days,” said another commenter.

“How?” a third simply put.

In a recent Reddit post, forum users also voiced their annoyance with grocery price inflation at the moment. A user shared a post on Reddit’s ‘Australia’ thread about how they picked up a number of essential and non-essential items including diapers, fruits and veggies, savory cheese, bacon, peanut butter, chicken nuggets and protein balls, the total cost came to $ 170 .

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“I feel like every time I go to the grocery store, even if I don’t plan on opening a big store and just want to buy a few things, it’s almost always $75+,” said one Reddit user in the thread. “I’m a bachelor who only buys for myself.

“I don’t know how families get by.”

Inflation is not the only aggravating factor at work here. A year of savage and unpredictable weather has been devastating to crops, leading to food shortages. Recently, there was a shortage of potatoes, leading supermarket chains to push the price of chips up to $6.65.

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