Bold & Beautiful Recap: Deacon Asks If Sheila Loves Bill


Hope sits in Forrester Creations headquarters, looking anxiously at her phone. She and Steffy await the reviews of the first Hope For the Future line not designed by Thomas. (Wait… did they release a whole new line? Since the runway show a few weeks ago?)

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Eventually, Hope and Steffy’s talk turns to Sheila, given that all the roads – even the ones marked “Danger! Turn back!” – lead back to Sheila. Both agree that protecting their children from Sheila is the No. 1 priority. Like their mothers, things seem to be going smoothly between Steffy and Hope. When the subject turns to Thomas, Steffy admits she’s disappointed in him. Thomas hasn’t contacted his sister, but she has bigger things on her mind. Namely Sheila.

It turns out that Thomas has been staying in Paris since being kicked out by his family. As they discuss their new living arrangements, sparks clearly fly between them… indicating that we are definitely going back to the Thomas/Paris/Zende triangle. (More on that later…)

thomas thanks paris

Paris is pretty much #TeamThomas, even leading him to admit that he had more in mind than just getting his parents back together. “Sometimes I don’t play by the same rules, but I think my heart is always in the right place,” says Thomas, reading from his character analysis. Paris says she can see both sides, and they agree it’s nice to have each other’s backs. They then give a high-five, because that’s something people pay attention to Bold and beautiful do it now. If it worked for Taylor/Brooke, why not for Paris/Thomas? Paris realizes she’s late for a meeting and Thomas is surprised to learn she’s attending Hope For the Future talks. She explains that everyone gathers around Hope as they try to keep the line on track. Thomas honks his own horn and says this wouldn’t be a problem if he was still the lead designer.

Eric talks to Zenden BB

In the design studio, Eric congratulates Zende on his latest designs for HFTF. But Zende admits he still feels like he’s designing in Thomas’ shadow. At HQ, Hope admits to Steffy that Thomas has captured the essence of the rule in a way no one else has. Just then, Eric and Zende enter. Everyone wonders where Paris is, and Hope asks how Zende and Paris are doing. “It’s cool,” he says, “we’re just friends.” So ignore my earlier statement about diving back into the triangle or Zende befriended himself prematurely.

thomas review bb

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Finally the reviews are rolling in… and as you might guess, they aren’t great. Thomas predicts his reviews will be better than this new line’s because “I’m awesome.” And indeed, Hope reads from the review that Eric and Zende’s line is “a far cry from the artistry and creative innovation under Thomas Forrester.” Ouch! Thomas reads the review and suggests to Paris that his phone might explode soon as his family begs him to come back and save the day.

hope review bb

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As the new owner of Il Giardino, Deacon tests several pizzas, all of which look quite delicious and remind me that I haven’t had lunch yet. His face lights up as Sheila enters. While testing pizzas, they chat and catch up. She says it’s quite an accomplishment to own the restaurant, and Deacon replies that if anyone knows about “feet,” it would be his nine-toed friend.

sheila visits deacon bb

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Deacon admits he thought Sheila was an idiot who was definitely headed for jail, and she suggests that “Daddy” never count her. Deacon replies that “Daddy will never do that again,” and no matter how much chemistry these two have, the whole “Daddy” thing is creepy… and not in a good way.

Suddenly a dark cloud passes over Sheila’s face and Deacon says she is clearly thinking about what happened in the alley behind Il Giardino. She says that’s true, but she prefers to focus on the positive memories, like the night he closed early and created a special night for her. That leads Deacon to ask what the hell is going on between her and Bill. Deacon says he enjoys seeing her happy, even saying she’s a damn (evil) genius. Watch her play Mike Guthrie and let him take the blame for her escape! But, Deacon points out, playing Mike is one thing… Playing Bill is quite another game.

Deacon Sheila B&B

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“So I have to ask… how did you do it?” We all lean in and want to know as much as Deacon! But of course she remains evasive and simply says she lives with Bill on his estate and is happy. “You and I have been through a lot together,” Deacon admits, asking his former lover, “How much are you in love with him… and how much do you use him?”

Next one The bald and the handsome: Steffy and Eric waver at Hope’s Hope For the Future proposal, and Deacon pressures Sheila for the truth about her motives regarding Dollar Bill.

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