Bachelors Felix and Jed are too young for the show.


One is how Thomas built connections much more easily and sturdier than his counterparts. He chose the right people on his blind dates in the beginning. He asked the right questions. He let the right people go. He fell in love.

On the other side of the coin, Felix reverted to bad player-like behavior: kissing women aggressively before his other dates, putting physical chemistry above all else, making weird Hannibal Lecter tongue gestures, and generally just letting everyone at home watch — and our Queen Yuri — the “ick”.

It’s taken Felix ages to finally get some sense, and he’s showing some semblance of growth right now. I mean, he’s still dumb for not letting go of Jessica yet, but he seems to have matured in the last few episodes.

While Jed isn’t as bad as Felix, he also took forever to form deep bonds with his dates, and even now I think Alesia is the only person he’s really bonded with. And honestly, I don’t know much about Alesia – I don’t think he really asked her that much about himself. He says he wants to settle down and be with just one person… but does he really?

Let’s face it, at 35 you know yourself better than at 25. I’m not age-related, I’m realistic.

By the time you hit your thirties, you’ve been through some shit. It begins to define who you are. And you start looking to the future, where you want to be, what you want to do and who you want to do it with. In your twenties you live in the moment. That’s the best thing about being young.

I’m just saying that Thomas has always been the most suitable bachelor. The single who is there for the right reasons, at the right time. Does that make him the most interesting Bachelor? No, that award goes to Jed. Does that make him the most dramatic bachelor? No, that prize goes to Felix.

But is he the bachelor whose love story I’m most invested in? Yes. Because I think this could be one for all ages.

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