Apple now offers less for some iPhone trade-ins


Following the recent announcement of the and new , as noted by MacRumors Apple has been quietly adjusting the trade-in values ​​it offers for its own devices. In the US, iPhone models are now often worth less than before. For example, if you plan to trade one in soon, Apple says it will offer up to $570 towards the purchase of a new device. Previously, you could get as much as $650 for the company’s flagship in 2021. Other iPhone 13 models have also dropped in value. As of this week, an iPhone 13 Pro will set you back up to $470 for a new purchase, up from the $550 you could expect previously. Meanwhile, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini trade-ins are now valued at up to $400 and $350, down from $450 and $380 respectively.

Not every iPhone has seen its resale value drop. For example, you can get up to $200 for an iPhone 11, just like before this week. The same goes for even older models like the iPhone X and iPhone 8. The value of iPad trade-ins hasn’t dropped either. Bring an iPad Pro to your nearest Apple Store and the company will offer you up to $445. Interestingly, Apple is now offering more for most Mac trade-ins. Specifically, an old MacBook Pro model can now set you back up to $670 on your next purchase, up from $630 previously, while you can expect up to $460, up from $440, for an older MacBook Air. You can find the full list of trade-in values ​​at .

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