10 Gadgets & Tools To Make DIY Projects Easier


With the amount of time spent at home during the pandemic lockdown in recent years, people’s desire to make DIY projects seems to be on the rise in 2023. Whether it’s handmade household items or gifts for friends, serious DIY artists and builders need to equip themselves with the essential tools to make the creative process easier and more convenient to maximize their time, energy and overall results.

Besides the basics of the toolbox, such as hammers, tape measures, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers and other rudimentary tools, the most useful DIY gadgets tend to be a bit more advanced.


Worx Pegasus workbench

As simple as it sounds, a sturdy workbench is paramount to DIY projects at home. The last thing a maker wants is to lay down his tools and materials and bend over to work on the floor, which is not only bad for posture and physical health in the long run, but is also much more inefficient in terms of organization.

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Fortunately, products like the Worx Pegasus Workbench, which doubles as a portable workbench and sawhorse, will save you a ton of time and energy. The foldable, lightweight table has the versatility to be used anywhere for a variety of DIY projects, whether in the garage or yard, and comes with 6 clamps to hold raw materials in place on the bench.

Black + Decker laser level

    A Black + Decker laser level is displayed

While every homebuilder should have a tape measure handy, sometimes the basic tools fail to get the job done accurately. In recent years, the laser level has become a popular alternative to increase the accuracy of DIY project measurements, whether it is hanging art galleries and handmade decorations, mirrors, installing shelves and so on, laser levels can measure precise angles and accurately determine wall distances more easily than manual spirit levels.

While laser levels can cost hundreds of dollars, the acclaimed Black + Decker Laser Level is a cool tech gift for under $50 (currently $15), a bargain for DIY enthusiasts who often want to save as much money as possible. The self-leveling gadget comes with a Class 3R laser and a 360-degree rotating wall mount to cover the entire home interior from any angle. Using a laser level makes worshiping the house with DIY projects much faster and more accurate.

A Dremel DIY toolkit will be displayed

When it comes to DIY home projects such as cutting baseboards, pricking drywall or sanding various surfaces, the multi-purpose Dremel DIY toolkit is designed to make repairing, remodeling and home restoration projects much easier and more convenient. The technical gadget aims to promote safety for beginners.

The versatile tool is incredibly useful thanks to its powerful 3.5-amp motor, 3.2-degree oscillation angle to tackle any project, and 12 high-quality accessories, including two cutting blades, nine sanding pads and a backing pad. That’s quite a steal at $84, allowing DYI makers to multi-task with the ease of the acclaimed all-in-one tool.

Worx SnipZip electric scissors

A hand uses Snip Zip electric scissors

While it goes without saying for any DIY enthusiast to stay equipped with a few basic cutting tools such as household scissors and a utility knife, the Worx SnipZip electric shears are designed to make everyone’s life easier. The wireless gadget can go just about anywhere once charged and is much stronger than regular scissors, allowing users to cut through paper, carpet, cardboard, leather, canvas, fabric, plastic, wire netting and more.

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Aside from the tool’s convenience, power, and versatility, the SnipZips make DIYers’ time much easier thanks to the self-sharpening blade, intuitive ergonomic grip that only works when a user holds the trigger firmly, and locking switch in once. Safe, durable and long-lasting usable, it’s hard to get around the SnipZip.

DeWalt 20V Max cordless drill and driver

A woman uses a DeWalt drill

It’s almost impossible to start and finish a DIY project without using some kind of electric drill. Power drills allow users to drill new holes and tighten screws, which is paramount for assembling home-made furniture, hanging custom crafts, supporting home office tech supplies, etc. Fortunately, electric drills have become more affordable, with the DeWalt 20V Max cordless drill and Driver Kit combo leading the way, an Amazon #1 bestseller.

For just $99, DIYers can make quick cuts no matter the project, thanks to the awesome portable 2-in-1 tool that gives users more power with a Driver kit that drives longer screws into harder-to-reach areas. In addition to the drill and screwdriver set, the unit comes with a 20V battery pack, a compact 120V charger and a contractor carrying case to make any amateur home builder feel like a pro.

Bostitch 18 gauge Brad nailer

A man uses a Bostitch Brad Nailer on his door

Using a hammer to manually drive nails into pieces of wood will lead to hasty fatigue, often demoralizing DIYers to the point of quitting projects before they are completed. Not only do nail guns reduce the physical strain of hammering nails, they are also very easy to use and deliver fast and efficient results. However, for beginners, a brad nailer is even more useful for narrow trimming, sheathing, trellis work, and making smaller objects like birdhouses.

Specifically, the Bostitch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer is an electric pneumatic nailer that drives tack nails into materials using smart tip technology, eliminating the need to press the tip to activate the tool. With comfortable rubber grips and a no-jam feature to boot, DIY builders would be stupid not to invest in the $70 item (currently 40% off at Amazon).

Hart 10″ compound miter saw

A Hart miter saw is used in a garage

Most DIY enthusiasts agree that saws are needed to cut through wood, metal, and other materials that the SnipZip cannot. Of the various saws available (handsaws, jigsaws, circular saws), none is more valuable or versatile than a miter saw, with the efficient and affordable Hart Compound Miter Saw being the best option for new DIYers taking on new projects in 2023.

Used to cut longer pieces of wood and for making precise 90-degree angles, miter saws offer much more precision than most power saws, allowing craftsmen to fine-tune their projects with intricate detail. At a fraction of the cost of most branded miter saws that cost $600 and up, the Hart 10″ 14-Amp Compound Miter Saw works extremely well.

Bnowi universal socket wrench

A bnowi socket set is displayed

Many DIY projects inevitably require tools to tighten loose screws or unscrewed nuts, making an ordinary crescent wrench fairly useless. To ensure all correct wrench sizes are intact at the start of a new DIY project, a universal socket wrench will help immensely. For the best and most affordable option, look no further than bnowi’s Universal Socket Set.

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For just $12, the universal socket wrench, heralded as a great DIY gift for the whole family, can be used with a wide variety of screws and nuts, including hex nuts, screw eyes, turnbuckles, bolt heads and more, saving time and energy from changing keys and wasting money unnecessarily on new tools.

Kreg pocket hole jig

A person uses a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

For DIYers making bookshelves, cabinets, coffee tables and anything with multiple joints, being able to combine two pieces of wood is essential. A very useful tool to help speed up the process is a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig, a cool tech gadget for under $100 that allows users to create solid mounting points to connect pieces of wood and hide the screws for a smooth, aesthetically pleasing product .

For durable assemblies and sturdy repairs, the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig is designed to make anyone’s DIY home improvement project much easier than having to manually try and join two pieces of wood in the backyard. Affordable and effective, every new and experienced DIY builder should try one.

Professional eccentric sander

A hand uses a Craftsman orbital sander

When it comes time to polish a finished DIY project, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours of manual sanding and painting. To save a huge amount of time, energy and effort, makers should consider an orbital sander, an extremely useful tool that makes their DIY projects look great while also saving the burden of physical sanding.

The Craftsman random orbital sander is a great option for beginners and experts alike who don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours smoothing their wood projects. The 3-Amp devices produce 12,000 OPM to ensure that any DIY project is completed quickly and efficiently.

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